Our coffee rocks!

Coffee brewing is an art form, and we are masters. Our helpful staff is trained to provide the highest quality brews for your satisfaction!

Rock 'n' Joe gets its quality coffee beans from Dillanos Coffee Roasters. Our special coffee beans are shipped using oxygen barrier properties which ensure freshness.
Coffee Beans
One Harvest, Coffee, Single Origin, Varietal

Dillanos Coffee Roasters One Harvest Project:

The One Harvest Project was designed to facilitate a transparent, sustainable, and profitable supply chain, benefitting everyone from the farmer to the retailer. We begin by traveling the globe to find the finest coffees and committing ourselves to the well-being of our importing and exporting partners by offering unique education opportunities, health benefits, and environmental projects. We believe the key to stability in this volatile coffee market is long-term relationships with growers. Knowing that we will be there next year ready to pay a fair price for their phenomenal coffee gives them the peace of mind to move forward with confidence and quality.

Whether you're looking to enjoy a morning latte, an afternoon espresso, or one of our signature cups like the Velvet Underground medium roast or Sledgehammer dark roast, Rock 'n' Joe has only the best!

Plus, our food is just plain YUMMY! Stop by and order from our delicious menu
of pastries, sandwiches, soups, salads & much more!

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Rock 'n' Joe, Menu, Coffee, Espresso, Latte, Classics, Artisan, Encore