What is a Breve Coffee?

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Breve coffee is an indulgent espresso beverage that’s simple to create at home using just a few ingredients and an efficient espresso machine.

This delicious drink combines equal parts steamed half-and-half and espresso for an indulgent espresso beverage without adding calories from milk.

What is a breve?

Breve coffee is an espresso-based drink derived from Italian cafe lattes and typically features small amounts of steamed half-and-half. This rich and creamy beverage often comes served in smaller 4.5oz cups.

Coffee bean frappe is an increasingly popular specialty drink across America. A version of Italian caffe latte, it can often be found at cafes and coffee bars around the country, offering thicker and richer beverages with higher fat and lower sugar contents than its Italian cousin.

Refreshers are delicious desserts made of steamed half-and-half or cream and topped with thick foam, often decorated with cinnamon or cocoa powder for flavoring. There is also the option to add different syrups if desired, although be mindful that the dish itself can already be quite sweet.

While a breve may seem healthier than its milk-based counterparts, due to the presence of steamed half-and-half, its higher caloric count results from having more fat per calorie in its composition compared to regular milk products.

If you want a healthier option in your breve, almond or coconut milk could make for an excellent substitute to traditional milk steamed at home. Both varieties feature a deliciously nutty taste while being simple to prepare yourself at home compared to their dairy counterpart. Plus, almond and coconut milks boast natural sweeteners which eliminate any additional need for artificial sweeteners!

Another way of creating an authentic-tasting breve at home is using coffee concentrate instead of espresso as part of the original recipe. This allows for more concentrated beverages that taste closer to what they should.

Homebrewing breve is easy and delicious – especially on cold winter days! Plus, its wide array of variations can give your cup a truly personalized touch. A breve can even serve as an ideal replacement to traditional cappuccinos or lattes!

Coffee without calories and sugar is a popular choice among those seeking to reduce their caloric and caffein intake. As an excellent healthy alternative to milk-based lattes, flavored coffee offers even more of an experience! Customize it to add an extra delicious element!

How to make a breve at home

Breve coffee is an irresistibly decadent espresso beverage. Combining strong espresso with creamy half and half, it creates an easy-to-make creamy beverage at home.

Breves can be made using any variety of coffee roast or blend. However, using darker-roasted beans will produce more intense and robust shots of espresso.

Homebrewing breve is easy! Simply use an espresso machine, moka pot or portable espresso maker for maximum enjoyment of this delectable drink! Don’t miss out – be sure to give it a try soon!

Begin by grinding and tamping your espresso beans. Next, pull either a single or double shot of espresso into your breve cup or mug.

Make a breve using steamed half and half instead of espresso; this works just as effectively, plus you can customize it further by adding flavors or syrups of your choosing.

When making a breve with half and half, it’s vitally important that the milk be properly steamed and frothed. A milk steamer is the easiest method, though you could also use a hand-held frother or frother wand if available.

After steaming and frothing your milk, combine it with espresso and half and half. To create an ideal breve, ensure equal parts espresso, steamed half and half, and foam.

Due to the higher fat content in half and half, your finished breve may be slightly thinner than a traditional latte. You can customize it further by adding toppings such as whipped cream or cinnamon.

Breves are delectable treats often enjoyed at cafes and coffee shops worldwide. Homemakers can also create them, making this treat the perfect option for morning or afternoon breaks!

If you prefer not using milk, cashew milk and full-fat coconut milk offer great alternatives. Both varieties are denser and richer than their dairy counterparts, providing an interesting twist in terms of both taste and density. You could even experiment with adding cinnamon or cocoa powder for an additional touch!

The ingredients

Breve is an Italian word meaning “short.” It refers to a coffee-based beverage made by mixing espresso with hot half-and-half, popular in American cafes and can make for an enjoyable treat with friends.

A breve is an indulgent combination of one or two shots of espresso combined with steamed and frothed half-and-half. Perfect when craving something rich and creamy! Additionally, this beverage provides added sugar free options.

An espresso machine equipped with a milk frother is the optimal way to craft a breve, as this will guarantee it contains just the right amount of steamed half-and-half for optimal texture and flavour. However, you can still create this treat using either a frothing wand or milk steamer.

To make an excellent breve, it is crucial that the temperature of milk falls between 150degF and 170degF. This is important because this allows for proper mixing between espresso and milk for an elegant texture – too low or high of temperatures could result in watery or bitter beverages.

Once you’ve reached your ideal temperature, brew a shot of espresso and combine it with the hot half-and-half. Stir these ingredients until thoroughly mixed; adding any sweeteners of choice could further customize your beverage experience.

An iced breve can also be made by simply adding some ice cubes. This is particularly popular during the winter months and tastes delicious when served topped with whipped cream.

Breves can be customized with various flavors, such as vanilla syrup and cinnamon. Or try adding in some nutty touches, such as hazelnut or peanut butter powder for an unforgettable taste sensation that pairs perfectly with Irish cream syrup or Bailey’s.

Making a breve with espresso concentrate can also deliver similar results without the need to purchase all of the usual ingredients – this option may be ideal for people on a tight budget who wish to forgo dairy products altogether.


A breve coffee is a rich espresso-based drink derived from Italian cafe lattes. This drink combines one shot of espresso with hot half-and-half, producing an inviting foam on top.

Cafe au lait is a beverage commonly served at cafes and coffee shops across Europe and Brazil, typically as an afternoon treat or dessert beverage. This rich, creamy coffee drink has become increasingly popular as an anytime treat – not just dessert-related!

Breve coffee can be prepared in various ways. One option is making it as a cold breve using half-and-half and crushed ice, providing a refreshing and sweet drink. Another approach involves blending espresso with half-and-half in a blender for an intense, thick drink that resembles more closely an intense smoothie than traditional hot coffee.

Keep in mind that a breve can be more caloric than a latte; for example, a small breve made with skim milk contains 146 calories while one made with whole milk has only 118.

These can be an obstacle for those trying to lose weight, as breve is usually creamier and thus higher in fat content compared with lattes, so they may be best avoided when trying to shed extra pounds. For optimal weight loss results it would be wiser to switch over to lattes.

One way to reduce calorie count while sipping on your breve is using low-fat milk. Many cafes and coffee shops provide this milk in various sizes that meet both your needs and diet needs.

Care should also be taken not to overcook the milk as too high of temperatures may lead to it separating and spoiling your drink.

Temperature should range between 150degF and 170degF when making a breve, in order to achieve that velvety, creamy texture that makes it so delicious.

Setting the ideal temperature when making a breve is of paramount importance in order to create the ideal mixture between espresso and milk. At lower temperatures, espresso may overpower milk and create an unpleasant watery flavor while at higher temperatures it may result in bitterness in your beverage.

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